Quality Control :

Emporium Logistics has developed a quality control plan to identify key processes in the transportation cycle of moving
cargo (wet, dry, temperature controlled) from initial pick-up to beyond with the primary goal to assure each procedure has a positive, high value output. We have a QCP that is readily available for all our clients to review at their leisure.

The scope of our work is outlined in our QCP is to provide safe and high quality transportation services to our clients at commercial and military facilities throughout Afghanistan and surrounding regions in accordance with contract requirements.

Industry standards and applicable local laws and regulations are followed in the accomplishment of this mission.

The sole purpose of our QCP is to ensure that all of the processes involved in the service provision to the customer are identified and responsibilities are assigned to those individuals or departments that perform vital roles in these processes. We are dedicated to ensure the safe and timely transportation of cargo required by our customers and maintaining the quality of such cargo from the time of pick-up until it is off loaded at its designated delivery point.

QCP is applicable to all of our personnel and processes involved in transportation projects whether we are awarded as prime or subcontractor to any governmental agency solicitation, or hired privately through confidential customer contracting.

We have a company-wide policy concerning quality of service. The Complete Quality Assurance team structure has been implemented by us to ensure each member of the team understands that the driving force of the company is customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction can only be achieved through continuous process improvement internal and externally through adherence to standards and contract requirements.

The health and safety of our employees is a top priority -especially considering the nature of the service that our companies are intimately involved in with the transportation of cargo within and across precarious and often perilous regions that most trucking companies do not dare travel. HSE guidelines are outlined in the company HSE plan.

Our Quality Control Division and Senior Management are required to review the QCP on a semi-annual basis to ensure that it is still effective and that each avenue of operations is still covered by the guidelines therein. If during the semi-annual review of the QCP, management determines that there must be an amendment, then that request is formally proposed to upper level management for approval. Once approved the QCP will be revised and distributed to all parties concerned.