Procurement :

Emporium Logistics is very effective in acquisition of goods or services. We ensure that the goods/services procured are appropriate and that they are purchased at the lowest possible price to meet the needs of the purchaser in terms of quality and quantity, time, and location. Emporium Logistics offers best practices and purchasing intelligence.

• Provides sophisticated procurement, demand planning, sourcing, inventory ownership and management, and inspection services on behalf of our clients.

• Procurement and sourcing services are driven by two functions –the need to efficiently and cost effectively buy supplies, equipment, packaging materials and other items; and the need to source, purchase and demand plan for parts for our repair operations on behalf of its clients.

• A key component of procurement and sourcing services is ensuring that the product obtained is of suitable quality and meets all client requirements. Unity LSS has a quality management system that involves everyone in the company.

• We baseline a product line cost, perform a best value/cost analysis and make a fair and reasonable determination that provides the customer confidence in procurement integrity.

• Our quote, purchase and delivery processes provide consistency in our methods and are tailored to provide our clients assurance that their requirements are visible throughout the entire cycle from requirements establishing to delivery confirmation.

Supply Chains

Bonded/Non-Bonded Warehousing

We serve you in all your needs of warehousing facilities through our warehouses in Istanbul, Kabul, Dubai, Kuwait, Pakistan and our creative solutions. Providing you with our valuable experience in warehousing of different goods through advanced information technologies and management of flexible stock areas. We provide remarkable warehousing service by ready-to-use rack system, inland transportation (collection and distribution) of goods, state-of-art technological background and qualified personnel.

• Storage

• Dry food storage

• Heavy weighted material storage

• Rolling sheet iron storage

• Crane with 35 ton capacity

• 3,000 m2 bonded and covered area

• 6,000 m2 area for logistics purposes

• Automation with Bar code + RF’

• Monitoring the warehousing activities via the Internet.

We offer our customers the management of their raw material, semi-product and product inventories and provide online inventory tracking via the Internet in order to decrease their inventory cost.

Order Management

Paramount to the success of your business we are able to offer you services to best aid your material planning management team Listed below are the services we are able and ready to provide;

• Distribution of orders to the identified suppliers

• Invoicing process follow up

• Goods and the hauling to the destination

• Realizing the import procedures

• Storage

• Labeling-Repackaging

• Delivery to the production line

• Reporting

Retail Solutions

For raw supplying and consignee sales, we offer tailored retail solutions for each customer. In this scope, these are the services we are able to provide

- Raw material supplying and sales per demand

- Collection

- Storage

- Delivery

- inland hauling

Packaging / Labeling

We offer you packaging, labeling, re-packaging activities in domestic and international sales for partial consumptions or demands after production process.

Control & Repair Services

We provide controlling, sorting and repairing services. Incoming material (receiving) inspection, Sub-assembly operations, and Semi and final product controls