Fleet :

Tanker Fleet:

• Mega semi-trailers with 3m height (100 cubic meters volume) Semi-trailers with 110 bars
• Mega trailers with 3m height (100 cubic meters volume) Sliding & lifting roof up to 40cm.
Double deck system- Sliding tent
• High semi-trailers – first in Turkey (Height: 2.75m) Tracking of temperature both in front and back of semi- trailer with exclusive
  air-conditioning system Environmentally conscious special EURO 5 vehicles
• Routinely inspected, maintained, and cleaned to prevent contamination
Available in sizes 20 - 40 feet
• High powered trucks with 6.096m length Routinely inspected and maintained
• Textile Semi-Trailers Tilt Semi-Trailers
• Frigorific Semi-Trailers
• Tanker Trucks Flatbed Trailers

Additionally, our drivers undergo rigorous & routine training on a weekly basis to be able to handle even the worst of situations. These drivers are directly employed by us and are properly licensed with at least 3 years experience in hazardous conditions. Additional training is also provided for our drivers to ensure the utmost safety. Our fleet maintains necessary registration with local government and all taxes and permits are kept current.


A transport company relies on the trucking assets to succeed. The serviceability of those assets is paramount. Our trucks are new; however, maintenance is of top priority to any transportation company. The terrain of the region in which our deliveries are made is extreme and does have dramatic wear effects on our tankers. Emporium Logistics has an intensively effective maintenance program in place to ensure the mission is completed successfully. Also, our preventive maintenance schedules extend the service life of our transport assets. We have a group of maintenance technicians who monitor the services of our trucks to make sure they are well maintained. We utilize manufacturer’s owner’s manuals and develop service schedules for our tank trucks. Our drivers and technicians perform preventive maintenance checks and services on a routine basis to keep our fleet moving and to ensure the customer’s deadlines are met. Keeping our fleet in top condition and minimizing downtime are our chief priorities. Our ability to provide high quality workmanship and a quick turn-around time results from our in-house “one-stop” capabilities, a skilled knowledgeable staff, state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, and a large inventory of common parts.

• Tankers that we utilize for transport of jet fuels are epoxy coated which prevents contamination. Also, Emporium Logistics cleans the inside of each tanker on a semi-annual basis according to MIL STD 3004. Each tank truck owned by us has a maintenance file to include photos of the truck, year, make & model, the serial numbers of all major components and the driver assigned to that truck. When services or repairs are performed, they are documented in this file.

• Flatbed trailers will be inspected prior to each mission and at the end of each mission to make sure that all leaf springs are in good condition and not cracked, all brakes are good, and lights that are in proper working order. Also the break flatbed body will be check for any damages that could affect the loading of a container or cargo. The flatbed drivers will ensure that all required chains, straps, tie-downs, and fire extinguishers are with every flatbed prior to a mission start.

• Refrigerated trucks will be utilized to haul food products. Our subcontractors and we are aware of the sanitary conditions that must be met to transport refrigerated food products. We will ensure that at the end of each mission, these reefer vans are cleaned out well to avoid any food contamination. The maintenance of the chillers for these vans is of high priority to prevent spoilage of the cargo. Before, during, and after checks will be made on the chillers and their compressors to ensure they are working properly. There will be two thermostats on each reefer to monitor temperature of refrigerated goods being transported. A separate fuel tank runs the refrigerated units.

Transportation Options:

A leader in global transportation, Emporium Logistics provides a variety of transportation options to its customers.

Ground Transportation
Emporium Logistics has an abundant inventory of fleet vehicles such as fuel cargo, dry cargo and heavy cargo vehicles. We are able to transport many types of cargo. We ensure the security of your cargo during the entire transport. Insurance available.

Maritime Transportation
With the ability to provide transportation to every significant harbor and industrial region of the world, we can offer full and partial container load shipments as well as project transportation/brokerage.

Air Transportation
We offer both way service from/to world bonded airports through direct and connected flight.

Railway Transportation
In the scope of the projects that will be established based on the customer’s needs we provide railway transportation, the safest way for heavy weighted loadings worldwide.

Customs Clearance

We provide import & export customs, temporary acceptation and exportation, free of charge import, import with incentive services for the projects that we are handling both transportation and warehousing.