About Us :

Emporium Logistics shares a set of core values - honesty, integrity and respect for all anti-bribery laws. We strive to always achieve trust, openness, teamwork and professionalism. We make the impossible, possible.

Established over the last few years, Emporium Logistics has a pioneering reputation in the transportation industry providing a lifeline for goods and services through difficult and often hostile regions around Afghanistan and Central Asia. Our Procurement division is known for conducting business in a highly trustworthy manner.


Since its inception Emporium Logistics has led the industry in its ability to evolve with the changing times, especially during these years of economic instability and social turmoil, and have kept quality transport and procurement services readily available and affordable for all our customers.
Our companies owned transportation fleet can handle any job
asked of us. When other shippers consider a job too big, the
terrain too rugged, or ground conditions too dangerous, clients
turn to us. With a well-proven and dependable track record that
we can deliver anything, anywhere, and at any time you can be assured your cargo will reach it’s destination. Under the guidance of our highly experienced executive leadership team, our company has increased the efficiency of its operations without having to scale back its divisions to accomplish new business opportunities. Our tenure, experience, and professionalism in the transit industry is the main reason Emporium Logistics is one of the most stable, swift, and reliable companies in Afghanistan. We continue to function from the main principle in the manner in which this company was founded, and our success has led to the assistance and revival of rebuilding a safer and cleaner Afghanistan.


Emporium Logistics is committed to maintaining the highest quality of transportation services and procurement in Afghanistan.
Our primary goal is to provide valuable aid to rebuilding efforts in war-torn areas by maintaining dependable transport services. Our vast, secure fleet gives us the ability to do so. We believe it is our unique ability to provide our customers with complete and robust solutions for transportation. The long experience and professionalism in transport & forwarding business is believed to be a source of success that helped us become one of the most stable, swift and reliable companies in Afghanistan.

Mission Capabilities

The difficulties in transporting supplies across tough terrain & hostile areas of Afghanistan can be nearly unthinkable without adequate planning. Over the last decade Emporium Logistics has proven excellent proficiency at overcoming conflict, terrain, and other obstacles to provide safe, on-time delivery of fuel and dry cargoes. We have grown into a major transportation provider throughout the Afghan region. We welcome any point-to-point delivery, regardless of location and inherent dangers of high-risk areas.

We maintain the following as our core principles:

•   Assure timely and secure transportation of wet, dry, and temperature sensitive cargoes
•   Ensure employees are properly skilled and educationally supported. 

•   Provide safe and healthy working conditions for its employees and contractors 

•   Promote a high standard of preventive and curative methods to avoid any loss of product and work-related
      injuries or illness.

Emporium Logistics own powerful, late-model trucks, which are commandeered by extremely experienced drivers. Additionally, these drivers undergo routine training to be able to handle even the worst of situations. Our staff has the infrastructure and logistical capabilities necessary to plot transportation strategies according to geographic, political, military and other specifications. We are also very adept at mapping quick-response contingency plans for unforeseen or emergency situations. With the invaluable aid of our transportation, logistics, and security experts, Emporium Logistics has transported cargo to the most formidable and remote areas of Afghanistan safely where other companies have failed. And this result has repeated this service with every mission. Our team operates most effectively as a team and that is very apparent in the field as a result of the tireless work of our staff ensuring safe, cost effective, and timely deliveries each and every time a driver gets behind the wheel. Not only do we hire the best drivers in the region, we also have the best mechanics to make sure our vehicles remain on the road.


There are three major areas of transportation service that Emporium Logistics focuses on when it comes to transportation: delivery capability, reliability, and maintenance. We can now provide expanded supply lines to many more areas in the European region including United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, Germany , Belgium, Holland and Bulgaria. Each of these areas is critically important to the accomplished success of the operation. Because this contract will be performed ninety percent by subcontractors, we require that all of our subcontractor transport companies abide by our commitment to quality and safety. As a result of our wider capabilities, our company can react to any delivery request and ensure the success of our client’s mission. Emporium Logistics has commitments from subcontractor transport companies throughout northern and southern Afghanistan. This allows us to be readily available for missions covered under a variety of contracts.