Tax Services :

Emporium Consulting provides a vast array of tax services. Some of the services we provide are:

• Handle all compliance services with the MOF

• Preparation and submission of all annual and/or quarterly taxes. Services are all completed on time with complete reviews. We ensure that you are never behind the curve when it comes to your tax submissions

• Determination of the amount of taxable income, withholdings, deductions and exemptions

• Will handle all communication and representation to and from Department of MOF and the Tax and Customs departments in Afghanistan

• Complete monthly reviews for each client to ensure all Afghanistan tax returns are complete, all changes have been put in place and all information is current. This system allows us to stay on top of all of your tax needs “on-time”

• Complete reviews to determine which tax exemptions should be deducted and to make sure no exceptions are missed

• Handle and submit all appeals when necessary

• Complete initial review of past tax submissions to ensure no deductions were missed and all exceptions were correctly applied