Services :

Emporium Consulting shares a set of core values - honesty, integrity and respect for all anti-bribery laws. We strive to always achieve trust, openness, teamwork and professionalism. We make the impossible, possible.

Emporium Consulting provides Tax Services, Audit Preparation and Resolution, Accounting Services, Visa Services, Vehicle Registration, Security and Customs Clearance.

Tax Services: including but not limited to preparation, submission, taxable income, withholdings, deductions and exemptions

Auditing Services: ensure our clients are in compliance with the Afghanistan MOF standards, corrects past errors and resolves all current audit issues 

Accounting Services: payroll, business plans, compliance, all accounting correspondence, statement preparation

Visa Services/Work Permits: including obtaining visas for those traveling to Afghanistan. Providing work permits for individuals that want to work in

Vehicle Registration: completing all paperwork for registering vehicles in Afghanistan. Obtaining vehicle registration plates from the Afghan Government for armored and non-armored vehicles

Security: providing full security detail for people travelling in Afghanistan. Provide security convoy

Customs Clearance: customs clearance for all goods imported and exported to and from Afghanistan

Job Placement: placing vetted Afghan, Secret and TS Cleared US Citizens for job placement in Afghanistan.