Other Services :

Visa Services/Work Permits

Emporium Consulting is able to obtain visas for those traveling to Afghanistan from any country. We are also able to obtain work permits for individuals from other nations that want to work in Afghanistan.

Vehicle Registration

Emporium Consulting can obtain full life cycle vehicle registration for all armored and non-armored vehicles in Afghanistan. We will complete all paperwork for registering vehicles in Afghanistan. Obtaining vehicle registration plates from the Afghan Government


Emporium Consulting provides full security detail for people travelling in Afghanistan. Provide security convoy. Emporium Consulting rents vehicles that are armored and protected. You can ensure your safety when travelling with our team in Afghanistan.

Customs Clearance

Emporium Consulting obtains customs clearance for all goods imported and exported to and from Afghanistan. Your goods will clear customs in a timely and safe manner when Emporium Consulting is involved.

Job Placement

Emporium Consulting is able to place vetted Afghan into positions within Afghanistan. We can also provide Secret and TS Cleared US Citizens for any position in Afghanistan that requires the clearance.