About Us :

Emporium Construction shares a set of core values - honesty, integrity and respect for all anti-bribery laws. We strive to always achieve trust, openness, teamwork and professionalism. We make the impossible, possible.


The mission of Emporium Construction, partnered with Palet Insaat is to provide the best infrastructure at the best possible cost all while increasing public welfare in Afghanistan. We will realize this mission by participating in projects that we know we will be able to complete on time and at cost. Our steady growth will ensure that we are able to not only achieve our goals but also surpass them. We have the confidence and esteem to know we will be successful in attaining our mission.


Emporium Construction and Palet Insaat have adopted a "limited decentralization" model. Each site is accepted as a separate identity, and the chief of site is responsible for the operation and management of the project. This responsibility includes purchase decisions, recruitment of staff and subcontractors and determination of machinery needs.The headquarters is responsible of the strategic decisions, coordination of the sites, new project tenders, financial planning and corporate identity creation and development.



Our principal goal at Emporium Construction and Palet Insaat is to keep both the quality of our work processes and the quality of our signature projects at the highest level.

Our policy aims conformity with the developing global quality systems. Our principal objective is to operate in the construction and trade sectors with integrity, faultlessness, demanded quality all while being compatible with improved technologies.

We aim to assure customer satisfaction through the use of our quality assurance system. We complete our awarded projects in the demanded quality level, with integrity, timeliness and in-line-with the original plans, while making improvements with advanced technologies.

The elements of our quality policy are as follows:

• Assuring the best cooperation of all the participants of the construction process - the project owner, planner and the contractor

• Assuring the optimization of work flows in the company and on the project

• Persecuting the necessary organization and the workflow in order to assure the timely and faultless completion of the projects.